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MissGreen believes that everyone has a green heart, to do good for your family, society and the environment. With the belief,  even the smallest changes can have a huge impact! MissGreen offers you a new choice. Change your meal choice once a day and the world will change with you.

Discover the true essence of ‘Fast, Slow Food’. Handmade, using the best of ingredients, with minimal impact on our environment, without the wait. Ingredients are our focus. We source ingredients locally and insisting on no artificial additives. Ultimately, our food is healthier, more delicious and seasonal – as it should be. MissGreen will tantalise your taste buds and warm your green heart!


「fast slow food」「慢食,慢 活」,以慢食來達到身體的體內 環保,以慢活來減緩你的生活步 驟,減緩對大自然的傷害。我們 對食材的講究是不僅採用台灣當 地小農農產品,還堅持不用人工 素料,讓料理更加健康美味、變化多端,每一口都會驚豔妳的味蕾,並從心發掘綠色新能量!



Farm to Table


At MissGreen, over half the items on our menu are prepared with organic ingredients. We’ve committed ourselves to sustainable development, partnering with organic farmers around Taiwan to bring only the freshest products to your table.

在MissGreen這邊我們帶給您我 們精心挑選的當地食材,其中包括 有機及無毒等小農商品. 從農場 到您的餐桌,做到環境保護天衣無 縫.

Meet Wayne

Hi everyone!
My name is Wayne. I’m 2.5 Years old.

Mama found me in the shelter where I was hungry and shaking. She took me home, cleaned me, fed and nurtured me with lots of love. She taught me how to be a dog, I taught her all animals should be treated equally, because we can all feel, we can love and we are conscious!

My third birthday wish will be… I wish everyone will eat less animal products, my buddy gets adopted, oh yeah, and world peace!


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